Gospel-the Language through which I Praise God

The Sweet Voice of Gospel Music.


Ngwana Ledwaba’s music career has brought much needed diversity in the gospel music fraternity as she brought about her style of praising God. Her uniqueness can be identified in her music as she continues to praise God for been gracious to humanity. She considers praising God as an exercise of the heart that longs to speak about the God Father who created everything for His glory.

Her voice is very sweet-as she continue singing and praising the Lord. Those who are from Christian faith will not help it, but to praise with her as she continues ushering the listeners into the mood of praising the Lord.

Violet Mothiba, who is affectionately known by her fans as Ngwana Ledwaba, is from gaMashashane- Moshate. She is married by the Mothibas and she is currently staying at NOBODY- THAKGALANE in the Limpopo. When asked about her music career, she describes herself as a spiritual person whose music is driven by the desire to praise God. Ngwana Ledwaba was quick to say that she enjoys music with a message that draws the listeners closer to their God.

She entered the formal music industry in 2009 with her newly produced album entitled, “RE GO RETA KGOSI YA MATETE”, which loosely translates as “We praise you King of Wonders”. The album seeks to remind listeners about the goodness of the Lord and how people should praise Him. God’s gift to humanity is life and the forgiveness of our sins.

Her experience in completing the first album was in three month following corrections and or editing which kept her working around the clock. The album has so far sold 5000 copies. Ngwana Ledwaba gave credits to Ken Heinecock of Cool Sounds for the role he has played during the promotion and distribution of her music at different places and levels.

Ngwana Ledwaba’s shoot of “The Church Mix”on the 2nd of May 2017 at the Urban Brew Studios in Randburg is aimed at promoting her music and to launch her to the wider audience across the country.  She is also going to present the program entitled DUMISA at the same venue. On the 4th of May 2017 Ngwana Ledwaba will head to Thobela FM studios to promote her music, and this will be followed by an interview and an meeting with Brad and Timmy Thomas.

Her new and fifth album is entitled, “Awesome God”. The album is a praise verse and is meant to praise God for what He has done in her life (the gift of salvation and forgiveness of sins). God is always on our side to protect us from evil and to blessing us with the gift of life.

Ngwana Ledwaba has had her shares of challenges about the financial constraints to get her music afloat. She conceded that her background did contribute in delaying her entry to the music industry as she started singing at her teenage years. “I started singing at an early age, I led a church at Sunday school, I led at clap and dance, etc”, You see, “I am who I am today because of the influence I got from my family”, she reckon.

Her wishes are to be signed by a renowned company that will help promote and distribute her music. Whilst she is pleased by young people entering the music industry, she warned against those harboring wrong motives of making quick money and fame. She further said that young people are lured into music and are exploited or even victimized (raped, exploited) following their hunger for popularity. Her advice is that young people should just wait for the right time of God as it is the perfect one.

Like many other artists, Ngwana Ledwaba, is concerned about the level of piracy that is happening across the country. She also shared her views about people who want her to give out her music for free in addition to getting her music distributed across all the provinces.



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