South Africans know what they want from their cricket team this year: wins.

The New Dawn for SA cricket in 2017.


Here’s our five best guesses:

1. Indian arrogance Under Virat Kohli’s captaincy India have become the most insufferably self-important team in the game.

Wouldn’t it be awful if they came to South Africa next summer and earned the right to swagger by winning the test series?

2. Australia advancing fair Having smacked the Aussies 5-0 in a one-day series and beaten them 2-1 in a test rubber last year‚ the last thing South Africa need is for the uber competitive bastards to come here next season and even the score.

3. Hashim’s horrors Few players have had so large and lasting an impact on any team that Hashim Amla has had on South Africa‚ on as well as off the field.

He’s been a great for several years now and he will never lose that status.

Nonetheless‚ it’s going to hurt if his current dry spell goes on for much longer.

4. Dale’s dodgy bits The same goes for Dale Steyn‚ whose very presence on the field lifts South Africa and turns them into a far better team.

But Steyn’s serious injuries – three last season – are a worry.

Here’s hoping the only doctor he sees once he gets back into the side is when he takes his dogs to the vet for a check-up.

5. AB anguish Who wouldn’t want a fit and firing AB de Villiers in their XI? Fine.

But where do you put him if the XI is winning?

And South Africa are winning convincingly.

They don’t want their players to feel as if they have to look over their shoulder to see if De Villiers is lurking.