Top price paid for Kentridge artwork at Paris auction

Characteristic of Kentridge's work and his research into the fragmentation of time and action.


South African artist William Kentridge’s Heads series sold for R5‚7 million (€405‚000) at Thursday’s Piasa auction in Paris.

“This monumental gouache is characteristic of Kentridge’s work and his research into the fragmentation of time and action as he traces‚ partly effaces then reworks his support‚” the Piasa’s Christophe Person said in a statement on Friday.

“In this work Kentridge stresses the production process as much as the end product.” About 100 works dating from the early 20th century to the present day were on sale at this week’s event. Artists from the diaspora and from African countries were represented.

Piasa started focusing on Africa’s artistic scene about three years ago. Thursday’s sale was the fourth of African contemporary art.

You can see more of the works at the auction here.

Alternatively, you can see more of Kentridge’s at the Goodman Gallery.



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