Lincoln’s trial began, Kgothalo wasn’t pleased that Rajesh wasn’t flirting back, and Gabriel proposed to Nikiwe.

1 – 3 MARCH
Tyson can no longer hide his feelings for Angie and Kgothalo isn’t sure that she can handle the truth about her husband’s new lover. Angie puts her client Lincoln on the stand, and Nikiwe isn’t coping with her father’s murder trial and she tells her domestic helper Zukisa to take the weekend off. Later, Morongwa sends Kamo her condolences, leaving Kamo anxious and worried.

6 – 10 MARCH
Tyson contemplates getting back with his wife but he changes his mind when he finds something from Rajesh in Kgothalo’s belongings. Matlala wants to take things forward with Zukisa but their discussion is interrupted by Matlala’s Uncle Stweni arriving. Barker uses Nikiwe’s emotional state to his advantage and he talks her into getting rid of her Sibeko Gold shares. Nikiwe then shocks Gabriel and sug-gests that she isn’t the right woman for him.

13 – 14 MARCH
Uncle Stweni hits the roof when he learns that Zukisa is dating Matlala and he wants her to dump him. Nikiwe and Lincoln argue over how Sibeko Gold will be handled in the future and he tries to tie up loose business ends. Later, Tyson pushes Kgothalo to tell him about Rajesh but she refuses to spill the beans – or give up the keepsakes from Rajesh.



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