Artists Magazine

Art-tainment Media and its subsidiaries provide professional services which include the following:

Intellectual Property Rights Management

Development, acquisition, management and exploitation of intellectual properties for creators and producers of contents and related products and productions.

Events Management

Develop and organize professional events

Film Packaging and Production

We package, produce and facilitate the production and distribution of films, ranging from short films and feature films.

Video Production, Marketing and Distribution

We produce, market and distribute videos, ranging from documentary videos, to entertainment television programmes

Music Production and Marketing

Art-tainment Recordz is a wholly owned record label that produces and markets talented musicians

Theatre and Live Entertainment Production

Art-tainment Shows produces theatre productions (both conventional and industrial theatre) and provides various live entertainment services. Art-tainment Theatre Productions is one of its productions wings.

Communication Strategy Consultation

Communication strategies, service consultancy services and the creation of communications strategies for clients is a professional service we provide

Communications Design and Branding

The creation of top class communications materials and services include production of annual reports, marketing collateral material, websites, animation and other related services is a specialty.

Marketing and Advertising Services

We are essentially in the marketing industry, and we provide advertising agency services to our dynamic clients who appreciate quality service that should translate into a positive impact on the client’s bottom-line. Through Phash’Comm owned advertising agency Profit Creative ( we provide top class service to clients.