Don’t try to Skype from your cellphone – it’s just too small.


With the development of new technology, Skype interviews are becoming increasingly more common. This happens especially when you’re applying for a job in another province or country. The interviewer will want to meet you via Skype over a couple of interviews to determine if you have real potential before meeting you in person.

So what’s different about being interviewed on Skype?

Here are six tips to help you make your Skype interview a success…

  1. Add the contact: When the interviewer sets up the interview, add their contact to your Skype contact-book straight away, this shows eagerness and will ensure you don’t lose it or delay the interview on the day.
  2. Check the equipment: Don’t try to Skype from your cellphone – it’s just too small. Use an iPad or even better, a computer/laptop. Your Internet connection must be solid with strong signal for your interview to go well. So if you need to go to friend’s house for this or your parents’ office, do whatever it takes to get it right.
  3. Find a sensible place to Skype: The interviewer is going to want to do a live interview via Skype, they’re unlikely to want you to switch the video functionality off. So find a quiet, well-lit room in your home, that looks pleasing and that doesn’t pick up dogs barking or children crying etc in the background. If necessary, ask your family to go out for an hour while you have the interview.
  4. Rehearse your interview: Ask a friend to Skype with you so that you can get the angle of the camera lens right as well as volume and to test that the room you’ve chosen is the best one. Practise smiling while talking and using facial expressions to animate the conversation. They won’t be able to see your body, just your head and shoulders, so use lots of appropriate facial expressions.
  5. Wash up and comb your hair: On the day of the interview, make sure you look your best from your waist up. Wash and comb your hair, wash your face and apply light make-up if you’re a gal. Don’t overdo it though. Also watch that you don’t wear earrings that are too flashy, otherwise they’ll bounce up and down while you’re talking – this could make your interviewer quite dizzy!
  6. Do a dry-run on the day: Check you look good on screen. Check the room is neat. AND most importantly, check your Internet connection is working and you have enough data.

There you have the six steps to make your Skype interview a success.

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