I’ve felt conflicted about who I am culturally & historically – Riky Rick


Culturally, Riky Rick is about as colourful as the SA flag, something he admits has made him sometimes struggle to find where he belongs.

Riky has family from different cultures spread across the country and, like a puzzle piece trying to find the right box, he has been doing the most to find the one he most relates to.

“A part of me is disappointed that I haven’t kept close to all sides of my family throughout all these years. Being born and mostly raised in Durban and my father’s side being Venda in Mankweng is a mix I’ll always be proud of but at times I’ve felt conflicted about who I am culturally and historically,” he told fans on social media recently.

Concerned that his children will go through the same crisis of identity, he took them to to his family “home” for the first time this past weekend.

Riky is quite a deep dude and said the experience taught him to forget about himself and make sure his young ‘uns knew who they were.

“Taking my kids to my grandmother made me realize that its really not about me anymore but more about making sure they know that they have loving family that embraces them no matter where they grow up or live. I’m learning that lesson very late in life but God willing my children will learn it much faster than its taken me.”

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