Who’s the biggest Jezebel of them all?


Soapies are full of ladies who play the field very well. But, who are the biggest soapie man-eaters of all time?  

While there are plenty of women in soapie-land who find someone to love, settle down with and stay that way forever, there are many others who don’t.

The original man-eating shark being Brooke Logan from the Bold And The Beautiful. Take a look at our own below:

Samantha, Days Of Our Lives, weekdays at 6PM.

Then came Samantha who wasn’t shy of stealing her sister’s man, Austin, seducing Austin’s brother, Lucas, marrying Lucas and going on to seduce her mother-in-law’s husband, Victor.

Thandi, Broken Vows, weekdays, 6:30PM.

Thandi has always been in love with Uhuru. But when things went sour, she had a steamy affair with Lebo.

Lebo was in a ‘down-low relationship’ with Lulu, who was at the time best friends with Thandi.

Lerato, Rhythm City, weekdays, 7PM

All this Jezebel wants is power. Remember when she dated David for control? She then set after both of Bongi’s men.

She seduced Doc, while he was still with Bongi and went for Lungile while he was married to Bongi. She was even impregnated by Lungile.

Dintle, Scandal!, weekdays, 7;30PM

Then there was Dintle. She will do anything to live the lavish life. She married Mangi for money, slept with his father, Lucas for his power, and got pregnant by his cousin, Quinton, for his wealth.

Yvonne, Scandal!, weekdays, 7:30PM

Can we really call Yvonne a Jezebel? Of course!

All this seductress wants to do is survive without working a day in her life.

Back in the day, she was in love with Siseko but left him for his brother, Hector, who had more money.

When Siseko inherited his wealth, she went back to him after being left at the altar by Damon.

She recently slept with Lerumo and when he cut her off, she went and seduced his father, Neo.

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