Where is Ma Agnes Matabane whose real name is “Koketso Semoko”?


Where are you from?

She was born 40 years ago in Orlando East, Soweto, and now lives in Douglasdale, Johannesburg.

Semoko conceded that she grew up interested in literature and took part in small dramas in the township. “It was only later in life that I started acting, said Koketso”.

After completing high school in Soweto, she worked as a cinematographer (person responsible for the lighting and camera work for a film). She was attracted to acting and, in the 1980s; she worked for the City of Johannesburg as an Aids educator. “I had a drama group that used to do dramas about HIV/Aids”.

It was after completing her studies in dramatic arts at Wits University where she auditioned for Ma Agnes’ role and got it.

After more than 15 years of commitment to playing the role of Agnes Matabane on one of the most loved soapies, Keketso Semoko has left Isidingo (The Need).

Semoko, affectionately known as ‘Ma Agnes’ on the drama filled soapy will be seen for the last time this evening.

Semoko’s character was a representation of women through the hardship, success, pain and love experiences they go through. She will be missed by her fans who follows Isidingo.

Ma Agnes’ departure from Isidingo has affected the audiences negatively as she was taken as the mother and a representation of women in the story.

The question that we want to ask is, “Where is Ma Agnes, or Koketso Semoko”?

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