Letsopa la Rucca on the title of his follow up project,”Tswelopele”.


Early 2015 saw Letsopa la Rucca embarked on a journey to Johannesburg along with his then band members and friends on a persuit for music opportunities. They got an opportunity to audition for a chance to be part of a month youth concert held at the Joburg theatre.  Later he got a call and was selected to be a part of a group of young people to perform YouthUnplugged vol. 2, a one month long concert at the Joburg theatre where he attended workshops and collaborated with live bands and vocalists who helped him realise what it really took to become a better artist and to improve so that he could move on to the next level of his music.

A month later seeing the possibilities of “making it” he stayed in Johannesburg for little longer soaking in lessons from his day to day experiences, and thanks to those experiences and lessons he finally took a decision to go back to the drawing boards and start putting music together for a body of work that will have a positive impact. Now that the beginning has been established as far as his music is concerned,  he felt it was time to move on to the next.

While feeling the process of writing and understanding the message he wanted to convey, it hit him that the underlying message throughout the songs he wrote was infact the perfect title for his next project a succesor to his “QalongReloaded” mixtape released late 2014.  “The strong sense of wanting to improve and progress gave birth to the “Tswelopele” – Letsopa la Rucca.

Tswelopele“, a Sotho word that means progress, advancement and even moving on.  “The Tswelopele project is an E.P based around the realisation that one needs to progress or move on to the next as a way to bring newer, fresher energies not to mention opportunities into one’s circle”- Letsopa la Rucca.

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