Twasa is back with a ‘Kairos’ bang!!


Who is Twasa and what happened to her since she is hardly appearing on public television? Twasa’s real name is Seipati Monono Seoke and she was born and bred in QwaQwa, Free State.

Seoke has now completed a diploma in marketing management at IMM Graduate School of Marketing. She is also doing a postgraduate diploma with the ABE Business School in the United Kingdom.

She is a talented person with roles such as television personality, radio personality, MC, author and musician. She is popularly known as Twasa.

Seipati Seoke earned her popularity from the then music show JAM ALLEY which was broadcasted on SABC 1. After Venolia Mashego, who was affectionately known as V Mash left Jam Alley, Twasa brought energy to the show. She made Jam Alley super quirking and entertaining during her time. She was a presenter on Jam Alley for about 9 years and her final show was in 2011.

Twasa has also been a DJ at Lesedi FM for over 14 years in addition to been on television shows such as Motswako and Zaziwa. After she left Jam Alley in 2011 she took some time to further her studies. She also delved deeper into her born again Christianity life-style. She graciously managed to release a gospel album titled “It Was Written”. She came up with her own genre for her music and is called “Rapel”.

In addition to the gospel album, Twasa also wrote a book titled “Let Us Pray”. The book is a collection of prayers that she has put together to help people get through their difficult times. If you looking to get your prayer game on, get the book. It’s called Let Us Pray.

The other interesting development about her career is that she started the “Twasa Foundation”. Even though Twasa has been out of the public spotlight she acknowledges maintaining her youth by exercising and a healthy life-style.

Seipati Seoke’s return to music after a six-year long break is by releasing her second album titled “Kairos”. The pint-sized musician has been working on her new album since 2014. She describes her latest sound as dance music that celebrates God.
Seoke worked with a number of young musicians on the album like Lucky Shabangu, Motswedi Modiba, Tumi Boloang and Mpendulo Tshabalala.

“This is the kind of album that will force you to dance. From the first track to last, people are going to dance. It is a celebration of Christ with a dance beat,” Seoke says.

“Take the song Ngqo, it forces you to dance. This album can be played at a festival or club but it will still remind you of your values.”

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