Review of Rhythm City’s Puleng & Mam Mothib’s Characters


Our team of writers has taken a long journey to watch Rhythm City, in particular, looking at the character of Puleng together with her GENESIS Church Family. The audiences had seen the life of characters such as PULENG changing decimally from the strong character to the one who is weak and powerless to defend herself and her son from Mam Mothibi and Brother Wiseman.
The strong character of PULENG was preceded by the weak and easy to manipulate character who is controlled and enslaved in her own house. As the audience we started getting worried when PULENG decides to tell her mother not to contact her since she was always criticizing her newly found church.

Whilst we were still trying to ask ourselves about her decisions to chase her mother and Suffocate’s Aunt from her house-we were all caught by surprise when she marries Mam Mothibi. She has done something that the audiences did not think she will do. The marital arrangements were that she marries Mam Mothibi but must sleep with Wiseman to Mam Mothibi’s pleasure.

We (asked) Art-tainment Magazine Page followers about the decisions Puleng will take as a newly wed Makoti in relating to Wiseman!! The question was, “Do you think Puleng will agree sleeping with Brother Wiseman”? Well, our audiences reponded with different views with others blaming Puleng for inviting the church in her own house. One audience said, “ You know I don’t care about her anymore, she can do what she want to do, I am no longer concerned about her”. The second reader said,”What has gotten into the Puleng that we know who cannot be manipulated”?

Others blamed her by saying, “Puleng is useless this days, she is going to do anything that Mam Mothibi and Wiseman tells her to do. Some of our followers were adamant that it is only a matter of time before she could sleep with Wiseman. “What do you think, another audience angrily relating how she had slept with Themba (Suffocate’s young brother) as an indication that she will agree sleeping with Wiseman?

PULENG is a SLAVE in her own house. What must she do to ESCAPE and RESCUE her son from Mam Mothibi? She tried to escape with the assistance of LUFUNO who was later poisoned and died under the guise that her death follows the mysterious works of God to those who disobey Him. After LUFUNO’s death Puleng realised that she has put her life in danger and that she has entered the world of no return. Mam Mothibi continued to watch at her like an Eagle to a chicken.

Mam Mothibi confiscated Puleng’s cellphone to ensure that she does not have any contact to the external world. I find that to be unrealistic as it cannot be that no one visit the house for such a long time. In fact, we know Suffocate as a character who love his kids, thus implying that he should have visited the Puleng many times to see his son.

Do you think PULENG’S ACTIONS of not EVEN LOOKING at her SON who was (sleeping on the couch) SEEKING for her ATTENTION is a sign that SHE DOES NOT care about HIM anymore? Remember, her name was changed into Chastity, which means reprimanding. Does this means that she has lost her former persona or what? Is it because she wants to disguise so she can be trusted by Mam Mothibi so that she can get the chance to escape?

The audience are pinning their hopes on Suffocate to be the one who must come to rescue Puleng and her son. Will Suffocate come or not? If he does not come what will happen to our beloved Puleng? Well, it remains to be seen on how the story will unfold. Honestly, the audiences want to see Puleng out of the Genesis Church family, them getting punished for their actions.

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