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Mpumelelo Kubheka, Man of many talents!!


INTERVIEWER (JM): Briefly talk to me about MPUMELELO KUBHEKA with regards to who he is, where he is coming from and what he does as a creative person?

INTERVIEWEE (M): Music Producer, Sound Engineer, DJ and Drummer. Started my musical journey in 2009, producing and DJ’ing, and from there got into Sound Engineering. I’ve always loved music and sound and it was a great and fulfilling experience when I was now the one who would be creating some of those tunes that people would love and dance to. I love the big stages, big Front Of House rigs that are engineered correctly. I love the technical design and work behind it.

INTERVIEWEE (M): My biggest passion and dream has always been about creating music that speaks to people, builds people and that people would love and sing along to for years and years to come. I’m still learning, I’m still growing and hope one day to be remembered as one who has contributed creatively in the South African Music Industry and abroad with works that will forever be remembered and will stand test of time.


INTERVIEWEE (M): I would say Music Producer and Sound Engineer (covering both studio and live). I’m a technical person, and music production together with sound engineering requires a creative and technical mind. There is a lot if science that goes into the mechanics of both these. It requires one to be on their feet and think out of the box most times. They can be extremely challenging at times and they are the kinds of challenges that I love because they keep my creative juices flowing and keep me on my toes.

INTERVIEWER (JM): How long did it take you to acquire all the skills that you have, and where did you get them from (where were you trained)?

INTERVIEWEE (M): I’ve been doing Music Production, Writing, DJ’ing and Sound Engineering for about 11 years now and drumming for about 7 years with lots of breaks in between…excuse the pun. I’m self-taught in all these areas, but along the way I have met some professionals who have given me advice and taught me a few things and there is also the internet, YouTube. But above all, nothing beats sitting down and working to perfect your craft. Practice and more practice!

INTERVIEWER (JM): If you were to take us through what you do as a creative person in order of preference how would your list look like?

INTERVIEWEE (M): It’s a difficult one because I love all these pretty much the same. But maybe I’d say Producer, Writer, Sound Engineer, DJ & Drummer.

INTERVIEWER (JM): You worked at Sony/ATV Music Publishing (from March 2015–February 2020) at a full time basis, what did your duties and responsibilities entailed?

INTERVIEWEE (M): A lot of things but mainly admin, copyright, label copy stats and A&R.

INTERVIEWER (JM): You also have worked at Northpoint City Church as a “Sound Engineer, Lighting, AV Technician”, on a day – to – day basis what did this entail? 

INTERVIEWEE (M): I had to check that all the sound and AV equipment is working and setup correctly at all times. I had get anything that needed fixing, fixed, and if It’ was something I couldn’t repaired in-house, then get that to a repair center. I also was the lead engineer for events.

INTERVIEWER (JM): I can see here that you studied Digital Sound Engineering at Damelin College as well as Electrical Infrastructure & Construction at South West Gauteng College, which qualification are you mostly using at your current responsibilities?

INTERVIEWEE (M): Digital Sound Engineering. All the jobs I’ve done thus far have been in relation to sound engineering and music.

INTERVIEWER (JM): Can you talk me through your motivation and or inspiration in Engineering (Sound Engineering)? What skills does one require to be able to work effectively and efficiently as an Engineer (effectively and successively)?

INTERVIEWEE (M): Passion! Nothing beats passion. It can be the hardest or the easiest job, but if you don’t have a passion for it, you just won’t survive in it. When you are passionate about something, you invest time learning and upskilling yourself in that particular field and your biggest joy is operating in that field.

INTERVIEWER (JM): Who are you collaborating with (on personal projects) and what do you stand to benefit in that collaboration?

INTERVIEWEE (M): I’ve been working a lot with a producer and writer from Cape Town, Sad Isaac. One of the songs we worked on, “Gqom Trial Remix” had a sync with the Netflix dance series “JIVA” last year. I have also been working with another artist and writer from Johannesburg, Sweet Guy, a brilliant vocalist and writer. I believe that when we work together, collaborate, we can archive greater. Each creative brings in their own flavors and when put together, something beautiful is created.

INTERVIEWER (JM): What project are you currently working on, and how long have you been working on it?

INTERVIEWEE (M): I’m currently in a place of regrouping, gathering my thoughts and recovering from 2020. So nothing new per say, but I just recently remastered some songs which I had produced back in 2014 and never released. I’ve put them out on an EP titled “Afro Waves 2”. These took me back to my early days of music production and thought they were still good to go out even today.

INTERVIEWER (JM): Which qualities do you think make a great (artist)?

INTERVIEWEE (M): Creativity, passion, dedication and focus. A self-driven individual who thinks out of the box.

INTERVIEWER (JM): What is your advice to the aspiring creatives (artists)?

INTERVIEWEE (M): Chase your dream, work hard, push your passion, be professional and get yourself out there but at the same time, don’t let yourself get exploited. The industry is good to those who are striving in it, but for those who are just starting and haven’t “made it”, there are lots of challenges and things that will cause you to loose heart along the way. Know why you are doing what you are doing and never trade who you are, your morals for anything.

Music: A Calling and an Expression of Self!!


Briefly tell (talk to) Me about NTSIKWANE RAPHESU with regard to who she is and what she does as a creative person? Ntsikwane is a grounded yet curious person. She is a singer and songwriter that writes about the experiences and situations she sees around and within her. She’s curious about the Soul/Spirit that is carried by the human body and has made it point to ground everything she does in that Spirit.

You are an | AFRO-FOLK MUSICIAN | who talks about #self-awareness, #human connection, #music for healing, and #creative expression. how did you get hear or what made you to focus on the above? I have felt a sense of lack and emptiness for most of my life, not knowing where it came from or what to do to feel whole and complete. It is this emptiness that led me to think that there must be more to life than just existing. This led me down the path of spirituality. I read any and all material I could find on spirituality and that’s when I discovered that self awareness is the key to liberation from the pain and sadness that a lot of us suffer from. I share this discovery in my music.

Can you briefly tell us about your job (role) as a Musician with regard to your music within the society dominated by men? My music brings a feminine way of being to society. A lot of us are taught from a young age that hustling and pushing is the only way to achieve your dreams and goals. There is definitely a place for the hustle but there’s also the softer approach- which is moving in tune with the nature of life and how things are. We don’t always have to go against the tide to make things happen. We can do our part and allow divine timing to assist us in bringing things to life

I can see here that you studied BA (DRAMA), PERFORMING ARTS at the University of Pretoria, do you think the course prepared you well to become a good musician? Did you do your degree in order to earn a title of a MUSICIAN or it was just to enhance your skills in music and performance? I initially did not intend to drama. I fell into it by accident (or divine intervention). I was studying sports science at TUT, got injured at the trials for the under 19 national soccer team and had to been booked off for 6 month to recover from the injury.

In that 6 months I realized that I didn’t really want to study sports science. I asked my parents if I could change courses and they allowed. I wanted to study music at University of Pretoria but the course was already full so I enrolled for drama just to pass time and fell in love with acting and completed the degree. The skills I gained from studying drama definitely contributed to my stage presence as a musician. I learnt how to be disciplined and practice my craft daily.

Can you talk to me about your motivation and or inspiration in Music, what keeps you going? What skills do one requires to be able to work effectively and efficiently as a musician (effectively and successively)? Music is a calling for me. There is nothing else I’d rather be doing. My sheer love for the music is what keeps me going. I believe that this is the magic ingredient in everything you do in life – to love what you do. “If you love what you do you will be able to face and overcome the challenges that come along your way”.

How long have you been a musician, and when did you learn that your passion is in it? I started my music career in 2008. I was doing music part time and mainly focusing on acting and drama back then. I went full time into music in 2013, so that would make it 14 years in the industry. I grew up in a musical family and music was all around. I discovered my passion for music at a very young age but didn’t pursue it until I was older.

You have a Classic Album featuring the popular single ‘PULE’, who is “PULE” and what is the message behind the name (Pule)? The song is about a guy who is dating two women and gets married to the one without telling the other. This is something that we see happening a lot in our society today. Many women discover that their partners are married or getting married through social media. The message is for women to really get to know their partners and do their due diligence about their history.

“Ditaba tja batho” is one of your song, what is the meaning behind this title, does it really suggests that people should not involve themselves on the issues that does not require their expertise? ‘Ditaba tja batho’ is about not letting other people’s opinions about you get you down. We sometimes allow people into our lives who do not have the best intentions for us. The song is a warning to be aware.

‘SHOMA’ is a Sepedi word that means ‘WORK’. It’s an anthem for the hustlers, entrepreneurs and business owners, who are making things happen and adding value to the world. It’s inspiration to keep going through hard times and setbacks and a reminder that everything works out in the end. Did you have specific gender group in your mind when you performed/ produced and or created this song? I wrote this song at a time where my career felt stagnant. The song became encouragement for me to keep on moving forward even though it looked like things were not working out. I recorded for all those who’ve ever felt stuck in life, with hopes that they would find inspiration to carry on with their work despite the challenges.

‘BEREKA MOSADI’ is one of your songs which honors the work women do in society, and many a times goes unnoticed. Who are you speaking with here: (married, non-married, young girls) and why? ‘Bereka Mosadi’ speaks to all women young and old. The song reminds women of the power they possess to make a change for themselves and society in general. We live in a patriarchal society that does not afford women the same opportunities (and payment) as men and sometimes expects women to do double the work for less pay. With this song, I remind women that they are the source of all things. Nothing can flourish without the nurturing hands of women, included here is the successful men who run big corporate. “We all come from and were raised by women”.

You have also performed live at MTN”s women’s event, when was it and who were the other musicians featured in that event?. This was 2019 before the world changed due to the pandemic. I was the only live artist to perform and the event MC was the great Rami Chuene.

Is it TRUE that MUSICIANS find it easy to EXPRESS their feelings through music (art), and was this the case with yours? Yes, it’s true. Music is definitely the easiest way for us to express ourselves. Most musicians may not admit this but we are shy. Music makes it easy for us to say what we need to say.

I can see you are occupying the Managing Director role at both Eltara Concepts as well as in Dramatology Entertainment: why did you establish the above companies? I established the companies as a way to create work and income for myself while sharing my gifts and talents with the world. Dramatology was specifically established as a performing arts academy to nurture young talent in Limpopo.

Do you have any new initiative that is going to be released soon and or was released recently (What is it about, and who are the target audience there)? I have a new album coming out in October (2022) called ‘Lesedi’. As the name suggest, the album hopes to bring light in dark spaces and illuminate the spaces within us in need of healing and love. The album is for anyone who is going through or has just been through a transition in their lives and it gives hope for brighter days.

I think you were doing a great job at Bjatladi Youth Development Project as a Programme Mentor, why did you stop? I would have loved to continue there, but I believe the organization did not receive enough funding to continue with their work and so had to stop some of the activities they were doing.

Which qualities do you think makes a great (artist)? Authenticity and stage presence.

What is your advice to the aspiring (Musicians) artists? My advice for them would be to make sure that they are doing music for a bigger reason than fame and money. Yes these things are important but if they are the only reason they want to do music then they will not last. The music industry is not easy, having a clear vision for your music is important.

Young Metro: the South African born Recording Artist, Producer, Creative Director and Mixing & Mastering Engineer!!


1st degree connection


Briefly tell (talk to) me about YOUNG METRO with regards to who he is and what he does?

Young Metro is a South-African born Recording-Artist, Producer, Creative Director & Mixing and Mastering Engineer.

Since Young Metro is your stage name, what is your real name, and where do you come from?

Sibulele Mnyanda, born in East London, but grew up in King William’s Town & Pietermaritzburg, and I am currently in Johannesburg.

You are an ARTIST | MIXING & MASTERING ENGINEER | CREATIVE DIRECTOR & PRODUCER, which title best describes you here, and why?

Artist, I’m a creative intellectual therefore I express myself, talk about my past experiences and share my views on certain topics and it’s my therapy.

Which label are you affiliated to and/or with, and why?

I’m Independent, I believe in ownership but once the right deal comes I’ll sign.

Which genre is your music, and why is that important to you?

  • Trenchwave (A new sub-genre of Hip Hop I created)
  • I made a new wave for artist’s from the trenches/hood/ghetto (if it relates to poverty and struggle its Trenchwave)

Can you talk me through your motivation and or inspiration in music,? What skills do you require to be able to be play music with confidence (effectively and successively)?

  • My motivation is making it out the ghetto/trenches
  • I’m inspired to inspire others
  • Bring Hope to the Youth
  • Skills required are talent, dedication, relentlessness and praying.

How long have you been making music?

  • For Seven(7) years ,but officially made my own music 4 years ago (from producing for myself, recording myself, mixing and mastering my music, in simple terms that’s when you could leave me all by myself in the studio and I’d make a good record)

Where and when did you learn about Music?

  • Boston City Campus in Pretoria, 2015.
  • Studied Sound Engineering, I didn’t even know what C# was nor anything theoretically about music. By September same year I dropped out as I had all the basics and fundamentals and continued studying music via YouTube.

Who are your dream collaborations?

  • Lil Baby ,Drake & Lil Durk because my sound is international
  • Locally Emtee,Nasty C (I came up listening to them and love their work)

Who are your target audience and/or listeners? Do you think you are able to reach them through your music?  How do you get your music to them?

  • Good Music Lovers I’d say ,because my music doesn’t have barriers of race/gender/age ,anyone can listen to my music
  • For me personally, my music is to inspire the youth and everyone from different walks of life
  • I reach everyone who listens to my music because it’s authentic, positive and spreading love.
  • Social Media is my transport to get through my music .

When did you start Singing/Songwriting, and Mastering & Mixing?

  • Started writing raps in Grade 8 (2010) during Art Class and would rap with my close friends, but I changed locations and schools and stopped until my mother asked me what do I want to study next year in Matric ,I was lost just like any grade 12 learner but still to this day I believe God directed me to music cause I responded to my mom by saying Music Production which I had no clue what that was but as long it had music ,I’m doing that till today I do what I love.

What is it that you expect the listeners/ audiences to get from the song? What does the song(s) communicate about your personal life as a musician as most musicians uses songs to express themselves?

  • My music is my life story
  • For me every song is different
  • Today I might feel happy I Trap, Tomorrow I’m sad and in my feelings I take it slow
  • For me it’s a feeling how I feel on that particular time/day and express myself in a relatable manner.

Are there any musicians who inspire you? What qualities do you admire about them?

  • All the Greats from Lil Wayne, Kanye West ,Drake ,Lil Baby
  • It’s the work-ethic, perseverance, dedication and longevity.

Which qualities do you think make a great (artist)?

  • Hard Work, Discipline and Being Humble.

What is your advice to aspiring (musicians) artists?

  • Never stop dreaming.
  • The hustle is sold separately from the dream
  • Keep grinding and be relentless
  • Work hard and Pray to God.

What are your Social Media Information?

  • @youngmetro_sa on Instagram

Engaging the artwork in order to find the Meaning!!



Petros Mwenga is a visual artist who was born and raised in Glen Norah A Harare, Zimbabwe. He studied Fine  art at Peter Birch Art school in 2005 to 2006, and Visual Art at National Arts gallery Visual Art Studios from 2006-2007. He mostly specializes in painting and drawings, his art is a form of communication just like other forms of Communications, and Social life commentary is his source of inspiration.

Petros regard himself as both a Fine Artist, Visual Artist, and a Painter because his work is both (Fine art & visual art). His work is not about hiding the message from the viewers, but to simplify it for the readers to make them come up with their own interpretation, though my real aim is to show them my interpretation.

My work is not about a particular theme or subject because l am mostly guided by inspiration and everything that transpires in the society, said Petros. The worrying factor here is that there re is a gap in the arts with certain artistic messages appears not  to have been documented (communicated) by the media, musicians, actors ,writers and other forms of arts, and that is where I stand as an individual artist, said Petros.

l don’t get worried when people interprets my work, especially in a positive way you know, yes sometimes I get to tell the message that my paintings conveys because it’s my form of language that sometimes other people might not be able to interpret or read. Petros’ aim as an artist is to make all his artworks easy and simple for the readers to engage with it in order to come up with their own meaning.

“My work is mostly mixed medium because it gives me room to experiment as my aim is to bring something new to the world and to surprise myself before anyone”, said Petros. The meaning behind, “It took the whole village to raise me” has to do with me been raised by my grandparents from my maternal side, and after they passed on my uncles took over the responsibility of raising me, said Petros. The other thing that affected my well-being  were Both the economic and financial constraints enabled the SOS to take over up to my college level, and after my research l have learned that it is so in many African children’s’ life.

Publisher you’re correct in your interpretation as there is a saying African believes that says, “It takes a village to raise a child”, so l am glad you have interpreted it that way for my aim was to show that in our African culture a child does not only belong to their biological parents only. l don’t know about myself been a well-known artist, but I’m glad if people see me that way, that is how Petros shot down insinuations about him been a popular artist. On the other hand, he indicated that in order to continue been relevant to the sector, he suggested that one need to keep on  researching , experimenting and striving for the best.

I am more understanding and regards criticisms in different levels, there is constructive criticism which is health for the growth of every artist. “l take what is best for me, and leaves out the negatives”, said Petros. The advent of technology has brought with it changes, both positive and negative ones, which impacted our artistic works in many ways. Now l can research easily and market my work without any challenges like before, it’s also easy to reach more people than before.

One of the memorable times in my life was after l won 1st Prize in a competition sponsored by the UNTED NATIONS in 2004, and best in show award ‘Black Like Us’ Exhibition. You see, I am motivated by the way I grew up, I because I always wanted to have a voice in the social space for those who are under privileged, said Petros!! The quality that I admire when l look at other artist work is the ability to tell their own stories, color and composition.

In the arts we always learn and improve on our artworks rather than labelling it the worst as that work that is regarded as such will not come to public sight ,its either I paint over it or put it away. What l have learnt is that enough research is essential to my work and to give myself enough time to create the work, said Petros.

My sincere and honest advice to the upcoming artists is that they should be resilience, persistence, research and experiment whatever they are passionate about. There is no limit to the arts, but our efforts determine how far we will go!!

Dreams delayed are not dreams denied!!


Interview with Mlondi Nkwanyana from Dobsonville, Soweto!!

Mlondi Nkwanyana also known as “Mlondi Le Gordito” is a young man from Dobsonville Hostel, which is formally known as “Sphiwe Village” in Dobsonville Soweto.  He is a Voice Over Artist, Actor, TV & Radio Presenter as well as been an Entrepreneur.

In all that I do as an artist I believe and prefer to be called and or described as Mlondi, the Media Personality, he said smilling. He conceded that the reason behind the name “Media Personality” is because he has been involved in a number of things in the Media Industry which includes amongst others the following: Voice Over Artist, Actor, TV & Radio Presenter, as well as a Musician.

He did not shy away to mention about his place of birth when asked, and he boldly stated that he was born at Coronation Mother and Child Hospital, which is now known as “Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital”, and grew up at ekasie, Dobsonville in Soweto. The reason behind my craft is based on the love and passion I developed in the early age of (8) eight because of my personality, which was shaped and honed by my then Grade R teacher Mrs. Adonis who believed and realized my capabilities, said Mlondi.

Mlondi got the opportunity to study and pass my Matric, and he is currently studying towards a Diploma in Marketing Management with Boston City Campus and College. With regard to working he said that he has not joined any radio station at the moment, but he is desperately looking for the opportunity that might present itself where he can settle down to enhance his talent.

I have so far worked on TV Adverts, one was on MTN 8 advert in 2020, and recently I was an Extra on a Pick ‘n Pay ASAP advert, said Mlondi. The two production companies that Mlondi worked with are Senzo Media Productions in 2020, and later joined Sharp Marketing and Promotions from 2021 to date. My role at Sharp Marketing and Promotions is that of a Founder, CEO and Lead Voice Over Artist.  Well, I have diferent skills in Media and Marketing, but I am currently focusing on building my Media Career as well as working on my Marketing Qualification, said Mlondi.

The one thing that we did not know about him is that he had once worked as Barista at Seattle Coffee Company before getting promoted to be a Lead Barista, a title which involves making Specialty Coffee. His is an interesting and funny schedule as his normal day starts with him working as Barista during the day, and as Media Personnel and Entrepreneur later on (afterwards hours).

He conceded that he hardly uses his Voice Over service because he is currently a “Free Agent”, but working on getting a permanent position soon. Mlondi was fortunate to discover that he was creative way back when he was still in primary school, and then he began to gradually nurture the talent he is got by participating in every opportunity that presented itself befor him.

We have different persons in this industry wielding different influential powers to the audiences at large, but I believe that one need to be confident in addition to been humble. One must be open to learn new things but avoid been arrogant.

Lastly, my advice to the young and upcoming artists is that, “Dreams come true if you put them into practice (existence) and act on them, also I quote “dreams delayed are not dreams denied”, let time and nature take its course, everything has its time, and yours shall come also!!

Music is the language for the ears!!

  1. Briefly tell (talk) to Me about Chris M Induku Entle with regard to who he is and what he does as an artist? Chris M is a young man from Eastern Cape, he is a Singer and Songwriter. Basically, he writes and sings his own music 🎶  
  • You are the CEO | OWNER | MUSIC PRODUCER | which title best describes you here, and why? Owner describes me better because I own my work.  
  • Which label are you affiliated to and/or with, and why? I would say I’m affiliated with my “OWN Record Label”, since I’m independent so yeah outside my label no other company. I’m affiliated to my own because no other company tried to sign me.
  • Which genre is your music, and why is that important to you? AFROPOP because I think I’m able to express myself freely and I believe I do better telling my story through AFROPOP.
  • Can you talk me through your motivation and or inspiration in music,? What skills do you require to be able to play music with confidence (effectively and successively)? My motivation and inspiration it’s to see my music touch other people in different ways, in addition to writing and singing songs that touches people’s hearts and emotions. Skills you require I would say that people must be themselves. That’s a skill everyone possesses than trying to be someone you’re not. Be yourself and that is where your confidence is!!
  • How long have you been singing and who are you working with (as a team/group)? I have been doing music professionally like 8 years I’m working with my manager, producer like I have a small team!
  • Where and when did you learn about music? I learnt by just writing, writing, and writing what I felt to be honest.  I never went to school for MUSIC, I started by writing, and later stood in front of the mirror and started singing, and gradually love for it grew step by step.
  • Can you talk to me about :
  • (a)“ New Unity Records”, what influenced the establishment of Unity Records, and what does this name suggest in an organization? It’s the love of ownership since I couldn’t get a deal with other Labels, so I decided to ESTABLISH it, and the name suggest “Coming Together” since we know in the music industry there’s MULTIPLE DIVISIONS.  I believe in Unity and coming together, you know!

(b) “My Gift To You”, what is the message about here and who it is directed to? “My Gift To You” it’s an Album I released with the intent that its message will impact everyone that HEAR & LISTENS my music. Those that get touched by it, it is “My Gift To You” to enjoy, LOVE & LIVE!!

  • Who are you collaborating with and what do you stand to benefit in that collaboration? I collaborate with everyone who sees value in my work, and willing to go forward to achieve their goals in life. I sometimes benefit in monetary value and experience though that is the last thing for me as my focus is to learn and expand my horizons in the industry.
  • Who are your target audience and/or listeners? Do you think you are able to reach them through your music?  How do you get your music to them? “My audience are those who believe in love and good music which have appealing messages”. The thing is I hardly get to Radio Stations and TV, as well as social networks and digital platforms where I can promote my work with ease.
  • When did you start singing/songwriting, and performing? I started singing very early age 12 but performing I started like later on wen I took music professionally like 8 years ago.
  • What is it that you expect the listeners/ audiences to get from the song? What does the song(s) communicate about your personal life as a musician as most musicians uses songs to express themselves? I expect the audience to get hope, believe that everything they are going through will pass and those bad days will be replaced by good ones. My music is replete with messages about life whether happy or bad because I know that people go through real ISSUES out there.
  • Are there any musicians who inspire you? What qualities do you admire about them? There’s many musicians that inspire me, for example we have musicians like Ringo Madlingozi, Don Jazzy, Akon, Ntando, and many more others whose music conveys real life messages. Some of these musicians managed to build their own Record Labels.
  • Describe your worst performance. What did you learn from this experience?  My worst performance I think was just one of those days were I just couldn’t impress the crowd, and they couldn’t relate because they wanted to dance and my set that day was deep songs that make you think the realities of life. The lesson learnt there was that I should learn to prepare for any other performance, for a BIG audience of SMALL.  
  • Which qualities do you think make a great (artist)? Willingness to learn, passion for music, those are the best qualities you should have because in willingness and passion for music best will come out in you and you destined for greatness.
  • What is your advice to the aspiring artists?  My advice for the aspiring artists is that they should believe in themselves and never give up, because hard work pays.

Film and TV Producer, Director, Fine Artist and Graphic Designer: Is there any limit in Creativity?


Who is BRUCE MZAMO with regard to what he does as a creative (artist) person?

Mzamo Bruce, also known as SBee, is a talented South African all-round creative in the Film and TV / Arts and design industry. He has done so much in taking part on the establishment of a successful TV station in Mpumalanga which is (Rising Sun TV, channel 504 on StarSat) since then he grew his talent on his own by venturing into different mediums of film and tv. He writes, produce, direct, shoot and edit. Sometimes he Conceptualize and Design TV show aspects like motion graphics and he also introduced himself to fine arts, he draws and paint.

Where are you from, and why do you do what you do (your artistic creativity)?

I’m from Mpumalanga, in Nelspruit. I grew up in small village knows as Game but decided to relocate to Gauteng in 2016, so I’m currently based in Johannesburg. I’m doing all these things because I feel like they allow me to be myself, they make me happy and just to share the Gods given talent and to inspire others.

You are a FILM AND TV PRODUCER | CINEMATOGRAPHER | EDITOR | VISUAL ARTIST | GRAPHIC DESIGNER, which one best describes you here, and why?

All of them, the reason why I say this is because ever since I began my journey in the media industry, i found that whenever I do something, it becomes a ladder to climb on to the next thing, so everything I do connects with each other. Whenever I feel the exhaustion that come with film and TV I focus on the fine-arts and find inspiration.  

Can you briefly talk to us about your major successes which earned you a title of a FILM & TV CREATIVE, when was it and the collaborations you had with other visionaries and the role that you play (ed) therein?

I can say everybody who contributes into the medium of film and TV is a Film and TV Creative. You don’t even need an award to have this title, you just have to create and contribute in this sector, So I’ve earned my title in 2018 when I joined the guys who had the idea of establishing a TV Station, we worked together, with God’s grace we accomplished that vision, TV went on a 24hours broadcast in June 2019. That’s when I’ve told myself that I can be anything, because it’s highly impossible for amateurs to accomplished such dream without any TV experience, even though I studied media but it was impossible, I still question myself sometimes “How did we managed to do that?”

What is it that you are currently doing to put food on the table?

I am the table here. Food must find a way to bring itself to me,  I’m kidding right now, I am strictly focused into writing and directing TV commercials. I also shoot some internal videos for corporate companies. I distribute TV lower third motion graphics and I also do fine art.

I can see that you were bestowed with an INTERNATIONAL EMMY AWARDS by the  INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF TELEVISION ARTS & SCIENCE in 2021, what was it for and who did you competed with?

Yeah, I was actually nominated, under category of JCS young creative in the Emmy awards in New York City. I’m not really sure who are the people I was competing with. What I know is that we were 3 from South Africa and others were coming from other countries.

You COLLABORATED with Timberland SA in designing a Human Rights Day T-ShirtZA, was it a national and or a provincial initiative made by who?

Yeah, I collaborated with this international brand in designing a shirt. This initiative was made by Timberland South Africa, they were looking for a designer/Fine artist/Illustrator to come up with a fresh idea that better tells a story of Human Rights Day. I decided to bless them with my fine art that I’ve drew, titled: Dreams. When I firstly saw that Initiative, I wasn’t really interested in it but a friend of mine insisted for me to part.  I kept on looking at their white t-shirt until I connected with it, I saw the whole complete design in my vision. I remember telling my friend that I have something special for timberland, this one is Healthy “we use the word healthy for anything that is cool”, i told him they better connect with it before it’s too late. He laughed because I said I wouldn’t take part in this thing, I sent it to him, he connected with it and saw the story telling it self on t-shirt. I knew that the brand was going connect with also.

Another collaboration you have had is in the establishment of a Television Station (TV) in Mpumalanga (RSTV, Channel 504 on STARSAT, which role did you play there and or are you still playing in that initiative (Mpumalanga Television Station)?

I was responsible for Producing, Directing, Shooting, Editing, Graphic Designing, sometimes I found myself in-front of camera doing presenting. I’ve done a lot of things, I had a platform to educate myself, prove myself and find myself. Working there prepared me for any tv role, I was exposed to everything. But you know sometimes the bright lights of success can blur your eyes, so there were people who ended up not seeing who was there when nobody was, that’s what happened after the success of RSTV, new people came in, the old ones were forgotten, so later in December 2019 I decided to excuse myself. Since then, a lot sad stories happened within the management.  2022 January there was a sabotage that took place in the server room in Midrand, that’s when i decided to make a comeback and assist in restoring the server and handle TV broadcast playout. Because I cannot just seat and watch people ruining what we have worked hard for. I am currently helping in the technical department.

Can you talk me through the following initiatives you were involved in:

  • Tsonga Society and the University of Cape Town.

     Tsonga Society is an initiative of the University of Cape Town. I was called to conceptualize and design

a logo for that initiative. I have illustrated a Tsonga lady dancing, now they use it in their branding.

  • New jaguar I-PACE manifesto film (YouTube) – What was the purpose of this video?

New Jaguar I-Pace video purpose is to get premium car buyers and future prospects excited about electric vehicles, specifically the SA car of the year 2020, the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE. The voice-over was done by Zaba D Mokoena, she has a sweet voice. I like to mention her name whenever I talk about the work we’ve done together.

The title of your Video, “Free Yourself which has WON you the EMMY AWARDS in New York City “ gives a positive self-initiated freedom to individual persons, tell us what was the motivation behind this project (video)? Whose brain child was the Video and what was your role therein, if any?

The Free Yourself short film, was written, produced and directed by Myself, the one and only Mzamo SBee, it is narrated by Dre. And it didn’t really Won the award, It just won the nomination. I consider nominations as wins because they show that we doing a great work and we moving.  The motivation behind this video was PEACE, it just gives an awareness of the people who are helping in the streets to bring ourselves into peaceful minds.

I see you have also worked on a YouTube video promo for the Cradle of Humankind, when was it and what was the promo about (intended to achieve)?

Cradle of Human Kind Promo Video was done in November 2021 but I started shooting in September because it was shot in different places, so I had to travel to all those places mentioned in the script, like Lanseria airport, Bothongo Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve, Sterkfontein Cave, Tshisa Nyama somewhere in Kagiso, and The Cradle Hotel. The Promo aims to achieve and alert tourist about the active shot left spots in the cradle site.

You are a man of many talents, far from been a Film Director, you are a Fine Artist & Illustrator. Can you briefly tell us about the later (Fine Artist)?

Fine Art was my 1st love. I used to draw a lot of sketches when I was in primary. But never really knew that it would become part of my life forever. It has always been in my blood. It is something that comes natural to me. Later in 2014 I decided to introduce myself into digital illustration. I drew some cartoons on a phone and on computer.

What are you currently working on (as a creative person) and how long have you been doing it?

Currently I’m working on a series of Internal Videos for MiWay, the insurance company. I’m responsible for directing, Shooting and Editing. I’m also pitching for few TV ads.

What is your motivation and or inspiration in FILM AND TV PRODUCING | CINEMATOGRAPHER | EDITING | VISUAL ARTIST | GRAPHIC DESIGNING as the roles you play as an artistic person!! What skills do you require to be able to perform all the roles effectively and successively?

My motivation in everything that I do is to complete a difficult project. I often struggle to believe in myself sometimes but being able to make a client happy gives me assurance that i am the best in what I do. I would say the skills required to perform all these roles would be, creativity and time management.

How can you explain your educational journey in terms of the institution you qualified from and the years of your studying?

I’ve done Journalism and media studies, but I was more interested in to media production which had some in sites of film and TV. Throughout my studies I was exposed into Entertainment, sometime I would take my camera and shoot videos and photos of celebrities at the events. I can say I was tasting the dream.

What are the AWARDS, HONORS AND ACHIEVEMENTS you have received so far, and what does they say about you as a creative person?

So-far I got an Emmy Award nomination in New York, I got a T-shirt Collaboration with Timberland. And I’m still coming with more achievement.

Who are your target audience and/or listeners? Do you think you are able to reach them through your artworks (films, video, and music?  How do you get your artworks (music, video, and films) to them?

I don’t really create based on what people like, I always let the project show me what it wants to be. Then it’s up to them if they emotionally connect with the projects or not.

When did you (started to) realize that you are artistically creative?

Realized when I was in Primary. I was a go to person whenever people needed drawings and info graphics for portfolio.

Are there any Musicians and or Film Makers who inspire you? What qualities do you admire about them?

In the film and TV I’m inspired by the work of Thabang Moleya, Director of Happiness is a four-letter word, and the happiness ever after. His work carries emotional and comedic approach at same-time.

In the fine arts I’m inspired by the work of Nelson Makamo. He is very gifted in applying brush strokes that can make you connect with his arts emotionally. And his arts are appreciated globally

Describe your worst performance and or creation or production, and tell us what you learned from this experience?

I don’t really have a standing out worst performance I remember. But mistakes happen in production or in designing. There are times when you would think a project is well done but find that a client comes with so many changes.

Which qualities do you think make a great artist?

Creativity, story-telling, creating your own identity and consistency.

What is your advice to the aspiring artists?

Make each-day count towards reaching your success, practice and stop seeking for validation. If they don’t connect with your creations now, relax they will catch-up later.

Actor and Voice Over Artist, Is there a difference?


Briefly tell (talk to) Me about Andy Mnguni with regard to who she is and what she does as an artist?  Where are you from, and why do you do what you do (your artistic creativity)?

Hi my I’m Andy Mnguni, A South African Actress and a Voice Over Artist. I have great passion, commitment and dedication to the Arts🎭. I’m originally from Durban, Kwa-Mashu, in KZN province. Resides in Johannesburg. You are an ACTRESS| VOICE OVER ARTIST, which one best describes you here, and why?

Can you briefly talk to us about the different characters you have played on TV, which one is your most and least favorable, and why?

All the Characters I’ve portrayed have been my favorites because each character has been different & has given me different challenges but in all, I go as far as researching about the person I’m to portray. So, all that excites me and I embrace that character for the duration of the shoot.

Your role as Sindi in the Mzanzi Magic drama series “The Republic” was both interesting and challenging at the same time, why?

Playing a role is and will always be challenging because as a CHARACTER you are trying to become someone that you’re not and you must do it PERFECTLY so that their representation is clear to the audiences.

I see that your first appearance on National TV was on an EPISODE of the SABC 1 Educational Series SOUL BUDDYZ (Season 2, Episode 10), can you briefly explain the feeling you had then about your appearance?

Actually my very first Television appearance was in year 1997, on a SABC 1 drama series called “Ithemba lokugcina” I played a Lead character “Pinky” who was a FASHION DESIGNER.

You featured as a guest STARRING ROLE in the SABC 1 SOAPIE, “MZANZI” and later in the SABC 3 SOAPIE, “ISIDINGO”, which role (one) appealed to you the most here, and why?

I liked and enjoyed both ROLES here, because for me playing a particular character means learning to become different people in their different settings, which means I must give it my all!

In the arts we believe that there is a meaning in a name, Can you take a brief moment to talk to us about NOMPILO who was the main subject of a TWO part EPISODE entitled “The Wedding” in the Second Season of the SABC 1 Police Procedural Crime drama, MTUNZINI.COM. Does the character lived their name in the mentioned contexts?

Oooh, Yes, there are hidden meanings in names. However, her’s was just coincidental that she was called Nompilo without really carrying a specific meaning to her character. The character was killed following crimes which happened in the play, and that somehow create a link to her name with what happens in the storyline.

(In 2016, Andy guest starred in a Season 2 episode of the Mzansi Magic drama series Saints and Sinners and later that year had a guest role in the SABC1 legal drama series Sokhulu & Partners). You are a very busy person and hardworking: Can you briefly talk to us about what a normal day looks like to you!!

As an ACTRESS or ACTOR one does not have the luxury of time to be at the same place for a longer period as we are always jostling for the available roles to play. We are always on the way and or shooting (scenes).

Briefly explain to us the characters you played in “EHOSTELLA”,and other roles in other projects that you’re participating in!!

The number of projects I’ve been involved with, ie. Durban Gen, eHostela, The Republic, Sokhulu & Partners, Ambitions, Saints & Sinners, Lucky Specials, Hijack Stories … have all been huge Productions that have given me such recognition in the industry.

We devoted most of our time ASKING QUESTIONS about ANDY MNGUNI as a character, can you tell us a bit about Andy Mnguni as a VOICE ARTIST or SINGER now?

Being a Voice Over Artist is quite easy when you’re an Actor coz your voice needs to attract the listener in whatever you promoting /advertising. I’ve such a Heavy, Deep and Authoritative voice. So, it works in my favor when they want to use a voice that draws attention.

I learned that your Voice Over Service is in TRANSLATING SCRIPTS from Zulu to English & English to Zulu scripts, is it by choice or knowledge?

Zulu is my home language and English is the main language used by many to express themselves, even here I feel more comfortable using the two languages than others. Well, I can do other languages, but I am more than happy to use Zulu and English!!

When did you (started to) realize that you are artistically creative?

The journey to self-discovery is not an easy one because it involves how one positions themselves and how they manage to grab the opportunity as it presents itself. For me it is not about “the when”, but “the how” because it is the beginning of the journey.

What is it that you expect the readers/listeners/ audiences and viewers to get from your characters (acting)? What does acting or appearing on national TV communicate about your personal life as sometimes some roles can be used as a platform to express oneself?

I give my all to what I do, and as such I expect the audience to get exactly what is expected of the character that I portray on stage. The thing is, when I play a role I am convinced that I am actually portraying somebody’s (real) life and I must do it heartily.

Describe your worst performance. What did you learn from this experience? For me there is no worst performance, rather call it a learning curve from which experience   is gained for other future projects.

Which qualities do you think make a great actor? What is your advice to the aspiring actors? My advice to up and coming Actors, is… :-Know your story -Don’t be in the Arts for fame. -Your passion should be enough to have patience coz things might not always go as you anticipate. -Stay humble, that will take you far in the industry. -Obviously, have the talent that’s expected from you. Be professional at all times. -Stay in pray & Have God’s wisdom to guide you through all the trials and tribulations you might come across along the journey.

Kagiso Segone, Hip-hop artist, Writer, Social Activist, Film –Maker, and Media Practitioner from Khutsong, Carletonville!!

  • Briefly introduce yourself with regard to who you are and what you do as an artist? I am Kagiso Segoe, a Hip-Hop artist, Writer, Social Activist, Film –Maker, and Media Practitioner.
  • Seeing that you are wearing many caps on your head, which one career path best describes you here and why? I am more of a Writer and Social Activist.
  • The work and the activities you are involved in requires you to be passionate and have an energy of some sort, so what motivates you? I am inspired by creativity and have a burning desire to see things happening in my community. I desire communicating to and or with different types of audiences who use different types of media platforms.
  • Who inspired you to follow the career path you have taken? My dad was an activist, artist, and musician who liked watching movies and films with us-which I think had an influence on us at a very tender age. He was also an ardent reader and writer.
  • As a creative person, how do you feel about what you do as an artist? I am extremely happy with what I am doing artistically.
  • What piece of an advice can you give to the up and coming artists? My advice is that they should focus on their passion and all the things which makes them happy, otherwise they will lead miserable lives!! They must also learn as much as they possibly can and try doing research regarding their interested field.
  • In the opening you said you are a Film-Maker, how many films have you written so far, and what is their titles? I have four films in my bag up to so far, and they are as follows: One Day– Is a film that looks at the social issues (Poor Service Delivery) happening in the community with the view that “One Day” they will change for the better.
  • Friends– This is the film I made with the intent of educating people about lifestyle (s) in the township.
  • Troublesome– This one is the film looking at school going kids and the social issues they get entangled themselves in while at school.
  • Get a Boy– This is a film which was inspired by my personal story because as a boy there was a time when I wanted to play soccer, but was constrained by social issues including bullying.
  • You also are a musician, how many albums have you produced so far? I have –
  • (a) three (3) mixed tapes, experimental project
  •               (b) Single Track titled “Move it”, which is a fun song with no particular insightful meaning.
  • Can you please talk to me about your future plans!!! My plans includes amongst others the following:
  • -to release music album -to launch my own company under which I will sign my music -shooting a video for the single- Will also tour a lot promoting and marketing my music
  • What makes you to plan launching your own company from which to sign others? I have been hustling for twenty years from which I got the opportunity to be signed under other labels, but did not work for me. I have learned a lot about the business side of music which led me to the gruesome findings about exploitation of artists in the industry.
  • How are you been perceived in the community, and what could be the reason for that? I am misunderstood because I do a lot of things at a time which are happening at the same time, and ultimately makes me popular. Actually, I am multi-talented person who is also seen as a threat because of my competitive edge.

Facts & Opinion


The past two years (2020-2022) has been described as the most hard and excruciating ones both locally and internationally. The advent of Covid-19 has brought about sorrow and sadness in the lives of many who had lost their loved ones due to succumbing to Covid-19 and other related complications, with the creative industry been the most hit by such (a) of death which happened unexpectedly.

Whilst we have many good and gifted artists in South Africa, I think we have not yet come to terms with the reality about the challenges they face on a daily basis. Artists are humans (fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, and uncles) who are breadwinners and have families to cater for. In South Africa artists seem to be ignored and their artworks not taken serious because we do not have a system that protect and promote artistic creativity.

During hard lockdown when other workers from other sectors were granted relief grants, only artists were taken from pillar to post with nobody willing to help them. The National Arts Council, the body representing artists in this country played hide and seek instead of paying relief grants to the creative men and women who were going hungry. Artists decided to stage a “Sit-On” in the offices of the National Arts Council in order for them to be paid the relief grant. It took them closer to six (6) weeks for them to get the attention of the whole of South Africa. Interestingly, the Minister of Sports, Arts & Culture’s office continued to say that they have money made available for the disgruntled artists which will be disbursed by the NAC.

I think the issue of cadre deployment to the sectors that which they are not competent at is continuing to cripple the sector. It will be proper to have someone with the knowledge, expertise and an art practitioner to be appointed in that role as they will understand the plight of the artists. There is so much that need to be changed and or dealt with in this country in order to level the playing field and to ensure that it is conducive for our artists.